46th Montreux Jazz Festival, the programme


46th Montreux Jazz Festival, the programme

Two days before its planned release date and in reaction to a German daily publication of the programme, the Montreux Jazz Festival unveils this year’s line-up.

Following an indiscretion by a Swiss media, which published some information it received from one of its readers – despite an embargo imposed by the Montreux Jazz Festival – the programme for the 46th edition was partially revealed on its German language site, two days before the official announcement.

As a result, and so as to provide festival-goers with the most accurate and complete information, MJF’s management has decided to announce the programme in its entirety tonight.

Download the programme (.pdf)

Tickets will be on sale, as planned, on Friday from 10am and all information will be available, tomorrow, Wednesday April 18 at 2 pm on

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