Back from Hamburg!


Back from Hamburg!
Back from Hamburg!

Our first visit to the Reeperbahn Festival will certainly not be the last one. Not only the line-up was really good, but also the ambiance there was great. All the clubs taking part in the festival are within a walking distance from the festival’s center on the main street (Reeperbahn) and we haven’t found any bad one. They are all located in what could be considered as the Hamburg’s « red district ». Music has always sound better in subversive areas, hasn’t it ?

Some of the bands we’ve seen there:


Einar Stray
St. Pauli Kirche, 22.09, 10.50pm

Seeing this 21 years old guy in a church with his orchestra has been almost a mystical experience. A trip into some wild areas of their native Norway, an illuminated deepness.


Prinzenbar, 20.09, 10.20pm

The next big thing ? The baroque atmosphere of the Prinzenbar fitted perfectly with the dirty pop from MS MR. The charismatic lead singer energized the synthetic pop of a band that will headline 2013.



Grosse Freiheit 36, 21.09, 9.05pm

You know the band and their worldwide hit “We Are Young”. The main question in Hamburg was : are they good (and fun…) on stage ? They answered it the best way, with an energetic and efficient show, not looking for cameras all long. You haven’t seen anything yet.


Jake Bugg
Angie’s Nightclub, 20.09, 8pm

He’s not the new Bob Dylan, as some people qualified him. First of all, no one is. Then, he doesn’t need to be the new someone. Jake Bugg is only 18 years old, has already played Glastonbury and will release his first album soon. A contemporary folk, not ashamed of its roots, but not afraid of the future either.

Hanne Kolstø
Imperial Theater, 20.09, 10.40pm

She was not on our planning, but once we entered the Imperial Theater we couldn’t leave. On stage with her guitar player, she charmed the audience with her songs, no need to flirt. Quiet but not shy, Hanne played a pop-folk fed with darker feelings.



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